Takoyaki Party (SAWAKAI) By the International Student Support Desk

We will have Takoyaki party in December.

Takoyaki is a kind of snack made from flour with chopped octopus. It is traditional street food around Osaka as well as Okonomi-yaki.

You can enjoy fresh hot Takoyaki at HU!

We are planning to display a Christmas tree at the event, too.

Let’s celebrate the beginning of the winter together with a Christmas tree and hot food!  


*No reservations required. *The event will end as soon as the ingredients run out.

*Please refrain if you have allergies of wheat, egg, milk, kind of meat, fish, and other severe ones, or have something you cannot eat for other reasons.

*If you have any questions about the ingredients or the events itself, feel free to ask us.


■Date and time: December 8th (Friday) 12:00-14:00

■Place : Student Lounge (at Student Communication Station 106)

■Eligible : Hokkaido University international student and Japanese student

■Participation fee: Free


★ Student Advice and Counselling Center HP


[Inquiries]International Student Counseling Office, Student Advice and Counseling Center  

(Student Communication Station 1st floor)