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Bringing in items illegally will be subject to penalties.
As of 22nd April 2019, Japan decided to apply the penalty for illegal bringing in of meat products more stringently. Introducing livestock products without passing import inspection is strictly prohibited.

Carrying in illegal baggage is subject to penalties.
From April 22, 2019, measures against illegal imports of meat products from overseas have been tightened to prevent infectious diseases. Meat products cannot be brought into Japan without an import inspection.

My Number (Individual Number)
My number (social security/tax number system)

About a month after you submit the moving-in notification at the city office, you will receive “Individual Number Notice” in the mailbox of the apartment.
This notice cannot be used as proof of your Individual Number or as identification.

  • My number is necessary when you receive/remit money overseas.
  • When you receive a salary for a part-time job, the company may ask your number.

When you submit your moving-in notification at the city ward office, you will be given a 12-digit number, called My Number. About a month after you submit your moving-in notification at the ward office, your personal number notification will be delivered to your dormitory or apartment.
The individual number notification cannot be used as a "document certifying my number" or as an "identification card".

My number is needed in following settings:

  • It is necessary for overseas remittance/receipt.
  • You may be asked for your number when you pay for your part-time job.

For more detail of the My Number
Detailed information on My Number

Other Insurances and National Pension System
Other insurance/pension