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Caution!!  注意!!

Bringing in items illegally will be subject to penalties.
As of 22nd April 2019, Japan decided to apply the penalty for illegal bringing in of meat products more stringently. Introducing livestock products without passing import inspection is strictly prohibited.


My Number (Social Security and Tax Number System)

About a month after you submit the moving-in notification at the city office,you will receive an envelope with “Notification Card” of your “My number” in the mailbox of the apartment. Please keep the card in a safe place, and never throw away.

  • It is necessary to show the card to a bank when you remit money overseas.
  • It is necessary to show the card to a company when you receive salary for a part-time job.



  • 海外送金・受金の時に、銀行に見せる必要があります。
  • アルバイトなどで給料受け取りの手続きの際に求められることがあります。

For more detail of the My Number

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