when you get sick

Go to the hospital

When you go to a hospital, be sure to bring your national health insurance card and present it at the reception desk. It can be used all over Japan, so please take it with you when you travel. If you go to a hospital without your insurance card and pay the total medical costs, take the receipts and statements issued by the hospital and your health insurance card to the city or ward office where you are registered as a resident, and then complete the necessary procedures. After passing the examination, 70% of the medical costs will be returned. It is prohibited by law to use someone else's health insurance card, lend your own health insurance card to another person, sell or buy it. Those who violate the rules will be punished. If you are going to the hospital for the first time or if you do not understand Japanese very well, it is better to go to the hospital with a tutor or a Japanese friend as much as possible.

Hokkaido Medical Institutions with Foreign Language Support (Hokkaido HP)

Volunteer medical interpreters

NPO SEMI Sapporo (English)
SEMI is a group that dispatches medical interpreters for foreigners in Sapporo. You can apply for an interpreter when you want to go to the hospital from the website below.

SCI (Sapporo Chinese Medical Interpretation Group) (Chinese)
We provide medical interpretation support services for Chinese international students. You can contact us by email.

Hokkaido University Health Care Center

Health Care Center on the Hokkaido University Sapporo Campus offers health checkups, health consultations, emergency medical care, and referrals to other medical institutions.

Consultation hours

kinds Medical department day of week time reservation
medical treatment internal medicine Mon-Fri 13:00-15:30 (examination starts at 13:30) Internal medicine consultations are on a first-come, first-served basis, so reservations cannot be made. Phone: 011-706-5484
medical treatment Mental health consultation Mon-Fri 13:00-15:30 (examination starts at 13:00) Telephone reservation is required. Phone: 011-706-5418
health consultation dental consultation Mon-Fri

Reservation is required from the website (can only be done from a computer on campus). Conducted at the Dental Counseling Room on the 1st floor of the Faculty of Dentistry. Punctuality.

counseling Mon-Fri If you would like to have counseling services, please receive a mental health consultation first.
Various health consultations Women's health consultation Reservation required by phone. Tel: 011-706-5484 (internal medicine)
Various health consultations nutrition consultation Reservation required by phone. Tel: 011-706-5484 (internal medicine)

Expenses in case of illness

If you are enrolled in the National Health Insurance, you can receive medical treatments for 30% of the actual medical expenses.
In addition, there is a maximum amount of self-payment for monthly medical expenses according to income. If you incur high medical expenses such as surgery or hospitalization, you may be able to reduce medical expenses that exceed your monthly co-payment limit by applying for the “High-Cost Medical Expenses” system.


  • Application procedures are required.
  • Once the application is submitted, you will need to pay the entire amount at the hospital counter. After completing the procedures, you will be directly reimbursed for medical expenses that exceed your copayment limit.
  • For details, please contact the city or ward office.

Place of application

Local city/ward office

Required documents

(1) Health insurance card, (2) Receipt, (3) Personal seal, (4) Bank book

Joint Guarantor Program for Hospitalization of International Students

In Japan, you may need a joint guarantor when you are hospitalized.
The "Joint Guarantor Program for Hospitalization of International Students" is a program in which the university provides institutional guarantees when international students require a joint guarantor when they are hospitalized.
This program is a part of the program of  "Hokkaido University International Student Supporters Association". For details such as procedures, please contact the Student Support Division (1A window on the 1st floor of Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education).

Guaranty System for Hospitalization /  Required documents

Form 1 Guaranty System Application of International Student Hospitalization

Form 2 Pledge

Medical checkups

Medical checkups for students who enter in April are conducted in April or May, and those for students who enter in October are conducted in November. In addition, medical checkups for current students other than new students are conducted in April and May each year.
Hokkaido University Health Care Center Medical checkup Information (Students)

*Medical checkup for 2020 was postponed.

To prevent disease, be sure to have a physical examination at least once each year.
Those who have undergone a university medical checkup can have their health certificate issued at the university's Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine (ACM)【Japanese】.

Health insurance

Please refer to the necessary insurance for student life.


Please refer to the information provided by the health and welfare ministries and agencies of your country of origin for information on vaccination for travel to and from Japan.