Four rooms are designated exclusively for foreign researchers in Hokkaido University International House Kita 8-jo Building Buildings 3 (family building).
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Eligibility and period of stay


Foreign researchers engaged in research or education at Hokkaido University.

Occupancy period

In principle, 1 month or more, 1 year or less.
Hokkaido University International House Hokkaido University Foreign Scholars’ Accommodation are preferentially reserved for newcomers to Japan who are staying for a long period of time and cannot afford to rent an apartment. Specifically, those who stay for 1 month or more and less than 6 months, and those who stay for 6 months or more and less than 1 year.


〒060-0808 Kita-ku, Sapporo City Kita-ku 8-jo Nishi 11-1-5 (Buildings 3) Google Map
*Of buildings 1 to 5, only 4 rooms in building 3 are for researchers.

number of rooms 4 rooms
Installation year 1997年
Living room area 64m2
Accommodation fee, etc. 55,000 yen per month
Utility charges: 26,400 yen per month
Living room facilities

Heating, hot water supply, bath, toilet, gas stove, refrigerator, bed, wardrobe, bunk bed, desk, chair, bookshelf, curtain, cupboard, dining table, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, shoe cabinet

Others 居室清掃料金: 32,000円(税別)
寝具レンタル料: 1人当たり 月額1,300円(税別)
共益費: なし

Application period/application method

For details, please refer to the "Application period and application method" of Foreign Scholars' Accommodation.

Where to submit the application form

Hokkaido University Co-op Room Guide
Tel: 011-776-6132, or Hokkaido University extension line 3282