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Procedures for staying in Japan

If you wish to stay in Japan after graduation for employment or job hunting, you will need to change your status of residence (visa).

 For more information,  please refer to the employment support page.

Necessary procedures for returning home

  1. Procedure for closing a bank account
    Bring your bankbook and cash card to the counter of each bank and complete the procedure for closing the account.
  2. Procedures for withdrawal for National Health Insurance
    Complete withdrawal procedures for National Health Insurance at the ward office and return the insurance card. Pay any unpaid premiums.
  3. Notification of moving out of Japan
    Submit a moving-out notification at the ward office.
  4. Returning your residence card
    When you leave Japan after completing your study abroad period, return your residence card to the immigration inspector at the airport. However, if you leave Japan with a re-entry permit (including a special re-entry permit), you do not need to return it.
  5. Notification regarding activity institution
    Before leaving Japan, be sure to fill in "NOTIFICATION OF THE ACCEPTING ORGANIZATION” and submit it to the Immigration Bureau. You can use e-Notification System (language selector available), bring it to the Immigration Bureau, or mail it to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau.
    Mailing address
    Notification Reception Section
    Resident Management Information Department, Tokyo Immigration Bureau
    5-5-30 Konan Minatoku, Tokyo, 108-8255
    *Please write “NOTIFICATION ENCLOSED” on the envelope with red ink .
    *Please enclose a copy of your residence card.
  6. Procedures for moving out of university dormitory
    When you decide the date you will move out, please contact the following places.
    ① Keiteki-Ryo and Sosei-Ryo: 1C of Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education
    ② Hokkaido University International House Kita 8-jo, Kita 23, Kita 8-jo East, Fushimi, Sapporo International Student Center: Contact the manager
  7. Procedures for moving out of apartment
    Please notify your landlord/management company at least 1-2 months prior to the move-out date.If you delay, you may have to pay extra rent, so contact them as soon as possible.
    For gas, electricity, and water, contact each company to inform them of your termination of use and settle the charges.
    Clean the room well and have the landlord and management company inspect the room on the day you move out.
    Depending on the condition of the room and the contract, you may be required to pay repair and cleaning fees.
  8. Disposal of Unnecessary Items
    When disposing of unnecessary items, please follow the garbage disposal rules of Sapporo City.
    In particular, you need to contact the city in advance when disposing of large-sized garbage.
    Check   Sapporo City homepage (about large garbage)
    Even if you find oversized garbage left at a garbage station, do not take it home as it is dangerous.
  9. Cell phone cancellation procedure
    Before departure, go to the mobile phone company's shop and cancel the contract. It takes about an hour to cancel the contract, so please allow enough time for the procedure.
  10. Returning Books
    If you have borrowed books from the library, be sure to return them.
  11. Submission of "Contact Questionnaire for Graduated International Students"
    Please fill out and submit the required information when you receive an email notifying you of the survey of international students who have completed (or graduated from) the program.