National Health Insurance

Japan has a medical insurance system to reduce the burden of medical expenses. All international students are required to join the National Health Insurance.

Procedures for Enrollment

[Registration place] Local city/ward office

[Required documents, etc.]

Identification card such as passport, residence card, etc.

*You need to report any changes (e.g. change of address, name, or etc) at your local municipal/ward office within 14 days.

*When you go back to your home country, you need to return your Health Insurance Card and pay off the insurance premium at your local municipal/ward office.

Health Insurance Card

Upon completion of the application form, a Health Insurance Card is issued to you.

The National Health Insurance scheme reduces the amount you pay for treatment at a hospital or general practitioner by 70 percent. Please note that the scheme does not cover birth, vaccinations, or general check-ups.

The government reissues the card annually in August and sends it to your registered address in late July.

Health Insurance Premium

The annual premium is calculated based on your income and family size.

In the case you have no income in Japan during the previous year, the premium will be approximately ¥20,000 for singles or ¥30,000 for couples. If your income increases due to a part-time job, the health insurance premium may increase. The premium will be reassessed every year.

The premium and the date of payments are notified by payment slips sent from the municipal/ward office every year. If you fail to pay the premium, your property may be seized, or your period of stay may not be extended, therefore, please make your payment by deadline.​ ​

Direct transfer from your bank account is a convenient way to pay the premium. You can also pay the premium at your local municipal/ward office, nearest financial institution or convenience store.

The premium amount is recalculated every year in June. Please ask your local municipal/ward office for details.

High Cost Medical Care Benefits・Lump Sum Birth Allowance

When the medical expense paid by the insured member is large, a part of the payment may be reimbursed.

If you give birth, you will receive a "lump sum birth allowance".

In any case, please consult the ward office of your ward for details.

- Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (PAS) (Gakkensai)
- Liability Insurance Coupled with PAS (Futai-baiseki)

Adequate preparation for disasters and unforeseen accidents is essential in order to conduct education, research and student life in Japan with peace of mind.

At Hokkaido University, as a compensation system for unforeseen disasters and accidents during educational and research activities, the "Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research" (PAS) (Gakkensai) and the "Liability Insurance coupled with PAS" (Futai-baiseki) handled by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES) have been introduced. We strongly recommend that all students join the PAS.

There are other insurances for students, but above Insurances are compensation systems in line with university education and research activities, and insurance premiums are set at low amounts.

Reference: Various insurances and pensions

In addition, for international students including exchange students and short-term study abroad students, instead of Futai-baiseki ( Liability Insurance Coupled with PAS), you can use "Inbound Futai Gakuso" specially set up for international students.


Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives Coupled with “Gakkensai” for International Students (Abbreviation: Inbound Futai-gakuso)

Please consult with the person in charge of academic affairs at your faculty or the person in charge of the study abroad program you are participating in regarding which insurance is appropriate.

Depending on the type of insurance, you may be able to reduce the cost burden in the following cases.

  • In case of a student slipped and fell on a snowy road while commuting to school and broke a bone, requiring a large amount of medical expenses.
  • In case of a student wants to return to his/her home country temporarily due to illness, but he/she needs to be accompanied by a family member, and the airfare costs a lot.
  • In case of a student bumped into another student on bicycle and injured her/him and was asked for medical expenses and compensation.

Other insurance

As a general rule, the above insurance is not covered while traveling to Japan. You should also purchase overseas travel insurance to ensure your safety while traveling.

Also, please check the "Apartment" page for the insurance required for living in a private apartment.