This is the main support system Hokkaido University offers for international students.

Supporter System

Hokkaido University offers the support called Supporter System for international students who come to Japan for the first time. This is the system where HU students both Japanese and international who are already enrolled in accompany you to finish the procedures necessary to let you smoothly start the life, study, and research.

Hokkaido University offers following supports.

  1. Assistance at the ward office/city office for residence registration and  for enrolling in the National Health Insurance
  2. Assistance  for opening a bank account
  3. Providing information about daily life
  4. Procedures for enrolling in various insurances necessary for university life, such as Gakkensai

In principle, the supporter system can be used in April and October during entrance periods.
If you want to use it, please contact the academic affairs staff of the faculty you plan to enter.

Recruitment of supporters who are going to help new international students is announced in February and August every year.

Orientation for new international students

Held in April and October. We will provide a lot of necessary information for new students about student life, cultural adaptation, life in Sapporo, employment, scholarships, traffic rules, insurance, etc. Please be sure to participate. The date and place will be announced to those who have decided to enroll.

In charge of academic affairs and academic advisors at the undergraduate/graduate school to which you belong

If you have any questions about classes, education, further education, employment, etc., first ask the person in charge of academic affairs at your faculty or your academic advisor.

Student Advice and Counselling Center (Student Communication Station 2F)

If you have any troubles or worries about your studies, career path, human relations or cultural adaptation, please do not take it all on yourself.

The senior international students from Hokkaido University will respond to questions and consultations. When you receive a paper you can't read or don't know where to go shopping, feel free to go talk to them.

  • Accessibility Service Office

Learning support (academic support)

Learning Support Office offers support for career selection, study, and learning.

  • Tutor System

Depending on the faculty or graduate school you belong to, there is a "Tutor System" in which foreign students are supported by tutors for study and research guidance (help with preparation and review), Japanese language instruction, etc. For more information, please ask the person in charge of academic affairs at your faculty.

Other assistance

  • Employment support

Those who are willing to find a job in Japan can take advantage of job hunting events by  the career center.

Professional counselors provide consultation on sexual harassment and academic harassment.