Career status of international students

The following link provides information on he career paths of international students who graduated or completed Hokkaido University in 2018.

2018 Graduation/Completion Hokkaido University International Student Career Paths 【Japanese】 (Link to PDF file)

Please refer to this information for future career paths.

Use of International Student Employment Support Network System

Hokkaido University has joined the "Career Support Network System for International Students in Japan (Asia Jinzai Network )" operated by International Students Support Network as part of its employment support for international students.

This system provides foreign students who wish to find a job in Japan with detailed and easy-to-understand information on how to find a job in Japan and how to prepare for employment exams. You can study anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day. We also provide recruitment information for companies that actively hire foreign students, information on guidance and seminars for foreign students, information on joint company briefings and interviews. Free to use. For the main functions and how to register, please refer to the following. Before registering, please review the terms and conditions of the International Student Employment Support Network.

Main functions

  1. Manuals and know-how for job hunting (about 40 videos available)
  2. Job hunting exam preparation (e-learning)
  3. Recruitment information for international students
  4. Information on joint company sessions/job fairs  and corporate recruiting sessions
  5. Information on Guidance, Seminars, etc.
  6. Contact and information from your home university
  7. Other information on job hunting for international students
    *Current content is only available in Japanese.
    *Contents in 1.2.3. are also available on smartphones.
    *Various new features will be added sequentially (e.g. Business Japanese e-learning, various information provision, etc.)

How to register

  1. Open the website of  Career Support Network System for International Students in Japan.
  2. Click the "Sign up" button under the "Login" button on the right.
  3. Enter and register the student email address ( domain : provided by the university and register. (If you have not yet obtained an e-mail address issued by the university, please read How to Apply for a HINES E-mail Address 【Japanese】 to obtain a university address.)
  4. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address from International Students Support Network, so click the URL displayed in the e-mail.
  5. After entering your password and nickname to register, and your dedicated page will be displayed. (*Nickname is used only for displaying your dedicated page screen)
  6. Your registered ID and password will be sent to your email address.
  7. You can view information on the international student support network system at any time by using your ID and password. If you want to use an email address other than the one issued by the university (such as Gmail), please change your email address settings from My Information.

Hokkaido University Career Center

Our Career Center provides a variety of job-hunting support services. There is a custom in which Japanese companies hire new university graduates all at once, and students tend to start job hunting early. If you wish to find a job in Japan, we encourage you to utilize the services provided by the Career Center and begin your job search at an early stage. process early.

Support contents

  1. Providing information and consultation on job hunting in Japan
    (Resume writing guidance, mock interviews, career counseling)
  2. Job Hunting Seminars
    Click here for job-hunting event information organized by the Career Center.【Japanese】
    There are many seminars and events for international students. We encourage you to participate.

Contact address

Language: Japanese
Location: Clark Hall 1F
Phone: 011-706-3271
Email: ccsup2″AT″ (Please replace “AT” with @)
website 【Japanese】

Status of residence while seeking employment

If you are unable to find a job by the time of graduation despite your job search, there is a system that allows you to change your status of residence and stay in Japan after graduation to continue your job search. You must go through the necessary procedures at the Immigration Bureau. If your application is approved, you will be granted a status of residence for 6 months, which can be renewed only once in principle. in principle, and you can renew it only once in principle.
For details, please refer to Status of Residence after Graduation.

Status of residence after employment

After finding a job, you will need to change your status of residence.
There are various types of status of residence for working in Japan, such as "Engineer" and "Specialist in Humanities/International Services," depending on the type of work. Once you have found a job, please consult with your employer as soon as possible and check with your local immigration office.
The change procedure is available at the nearest immigration office from about three months prior to the month of employment.

Reference information

Immigration Bureau website (language selector available)