Japanese Government Scholarships (MEXT) is a scholarship system provided by the Japanese government's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. There are several ways to apply for Japanese Government Scholarships (MEXT), such as “Embassy Recommendation” and “University Recommendation”, and the application qualifications and application periods differ for each.

Monthly Scholarship:
Research student
Research student 143,000 yen (* 146,000 yen from November to March)
Master's course student 144,000 yen (* 147,000 yen from November to March)
PhD student 145,000 yen (* 148,000 yen from November to March)
Undergraduate student 117,000 yen (* 120,000 yen from November to March)
* Since Hokkaido is a cold region, 3,000 yen will be added during winter (November to March).


1) Embassy Recommendation

This is a method of recruitment by Japanese embassies (or consulates general) overseas.
Application deadlines vary by country, so please contact the Japanese embassy or consulate general in your country.

After passing the first screening at the diplomatic establishment abroad, please search for your prospective supervisor from the list below, and promptly contact the administrative office of the graduate school you wish to enroll in and request the issuance of a Letter of Acceptance. Hokkaido University Researchers’ Directory 
HUSCAP (Hokkaido University collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers)

2) University Recommendation

This is a method of nominating students from overseas as Japanese Government Scholarship Student from the university.
Applicants must have an academic record score coefficient of 2.3 or higher in their final educational background or the course they are enrolled in, and are expected to maintain this throughout the scholarship period, and must also meet language proficiency requirements.

「One Healthの概念を深化するHuman-Animal Bond教育研究プログラム」
「~北海道と世界の懸け橋~ 生命科学イノベーター養成プログラム」

3) Domestic Selection (no recruitment in recent years)

Nominating privately-financed international students enrolled in a university in Japan as Japanese Government Scholarship Student by their home university is called domestic selection. Privately financed international students who are enrolled in a regular course at a Japanese graduate school or who plan to continue on to higher education, or especially excellent students who are planning to advance to the fourth year (sixth year for medicine, etc.) as regular undergraduate students. Applicants are accepted as Japanese Government Scholarship Student from April.