Twice a year (spring and fall),  "Garage Sale for international students" is held at Student Communication Station (lobby and courtyard).
You can buy goods that are useful for daily life at low prices. Items for sale are:

  goods for sale
small appliances Rice cooker, vacuum cleaner, iron, electric pot, oven toaster, microwave oven, hair dryer, electric fan
bedding towel, blanket
Baby/Children's Goods buggy, stuffed toy, picture book, toy
kitchenware pans, frying pans, bowls
Others suitcase, carry bag, bag, umbrella, Japanese doll

*Not all products are sold every time.
If you would like to donate products for international students, please contact the Hokkaido University International Women's Exchange Association.

Inquiries: Hokkaido University International Women's Exchange Association
Email:”AT” Please replace “AT” with @