Hokkaido University offers many fun events where international students can interact with each other, and between international students and Japanese students and Japanese local residents.
You can also participate in extracurricular activities (club activities). Please come and visit us.


Many events are held, such as events that introduce Japanese seasonal foods, kimonos, and traditional events, as well as events that allow international students and Japanese people to interact with each other.

For the latest information, please refer to the News section, the International Student Support Desk Facebook page, and HU International Students Newsletter.

Event information and reports can also be viewed on Hokkaido University Twitter (English) and Instagram (English).

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Events hosted by International Srudent Support Desk

Regular event

Language Corner

Would you like to have a cross-cultural exchange in your country's language and Japanese? Enjoy games, conversations, and small debates together.

Target: Hokkaido University international students and Japanese students

Tea party

We decide on a theme and talk and interact while drinking tea.

Themes so far: "Movie party" "Takoyaki party" etc.

It is held once a month (irregularly) at Student Communication Station. We may be closed during the long vacation period.

Event information will be announced in the news section.

International Srudent Support Desk (supportdesk”AT”sacc.hokudai.ac.jp: change “AT” to @ before sending)

Holding information:
Please check here for the status of Language Corner and tea parties.

Local exchange event introduction

International exchange events held on and off campus are meaningful opportunities to deepen understanding of Japanese culture and society and international exchange. On the bulletin board in the student activity room on the 1st floor Student Communication Station, information about international exchange events for international students, foreign researchers, and their families, etc., received from inside and outside the university, is posted.

International student exchange and support groups

HUISA (Hokkaido University International Students Association(HUISA)) and IWC (Hokkaido University International Women's Association) conduct various exchange and experience activities.

Check out the news section for event information!

Students extracurricular activities.

There are many club activities organized by students. They are active for different purposes. If you are interested in one of them, please inquire directly about membership.

List of official student groups