Hokkaido University provides necessary information for international students via an e-mail distribution system as "HU International Students Newsletter".

During the enrollment, international students will receive the following information directly via email

  1. Information on events for international students (Garage Sale, international exchange events, employment-related seminars, etc.)
  2. Information on academic affairs (notice of application period for Japanese language classes, notice of scholarship registration period for privately financed international students, etc.)
  3. Precautions for life as a foreign student (visa expiration date, precautions for living in Japan, services for foreign students, etc.)
  4. Notification of termination of joint and several guarantees, notification of the end of the insurance period, and communication regarding apartments to joint and several guaranty system users.
  5. disaster information
  6. Request for cooperation in surveys (not mandatory)
  7. Other items that Hokkaido University would like to make known to international students

E-mail address registration is done twice a year based on the contact information that international students submitted to their faculty at the time of admission/advancement (April/October). An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address (PC) specified in the contact information.
Please note that it takes one month to one and a half months to complete the address registration process for new students.

If you are a new student entering or advancing to another school in a month other than April or October, or an international student already enrolled, and wish to register because you did not enter your e-mail address (PC) in the contact information form, please follow the procedure below.
Please note that e-mail address registration is limited to international students enrolled at Hokkaido University.

How to register your e-mail address

Please fill out the email registration form and email the file to us as follows
Subject: E-mail address registration
Send to: rmailreply "AT "oia.hokudai.ac.jp
Replace "AT" with @.
Email Registration Form

If you do not receive an email

In case you do not receive it  even you have registered your e-mail address:

It is possible that the receiving side recognizes the bulk mail as junk mail, and may have set the mail not to be received, or the mail may have been sorted into the junk mail category. Please check your e-mail settings once again. Free e-mail may be set to block such bulk e-mails as a security measure.