【Lunchtime Workshop Series】Learning Relational Skills

  Lunchtime workshop series-Learning Relational Skills – will be hosted by International Student Counseling Office, Student Advice and Counseling Center. Through these workshops, participants will boost their relational performance. Each workshop will focus on different areas of relational skills. Relationships get more complex when enrolling in universities or graduate schools, and many students are struggling how to have satisfying relationships with others. Participants in the workshops will learn an overview of basic social skills and how to implement them into one’s daily environment.  It is OK to participate only in the workshops that interest you.

■Date and Topics:

11/24 (Friday): Starting and Maintaining  Conversations

12/1 (Friday): Making Friends

12/15 (Friday): Entering Group Conversations

1/19 (Friday): Date Etiquette

1/26 (Friday): Handing Disagreements


■Time: 12:10-12:50

■Eligibility : Hokkaido University students(included non-regular student)

■Language: English

■Student Activity Room(RM 106) at Student Communication Station (1st floor)


No registration is necessary in advance.

It’s a lunchtime! Bring your own lunch if you would like!

★ Student Advice and Counselling Center HP



International Student Counseling Office, Student Advice and Counseling Center (Student Communication Station 2nd floor)