Raluca Nagy




Part-time Lecturer

Research Keywords

Migration, tourism, mobilities, healthcare, Asia-Pacific, Japan, Vietnam


BSc: Economics, ASE Bucharest
MSc: Cultural Anthropology, SNSPA Bucharest
PhD: Anthropology and Sociology, Free University of Brussels and SNSPA Bucharest


As an anthropologist I have increasingly become interested in writing for wider audiences. This interest has developed gradually in the past decade, being simultaneous with my introduction to the culture and society of Japan. During a postdoctoral fellowship for the academic year 2012-2013 at Waseda University, I conducted research, in Tokyo, focusing on the livelihoods of native English-speaking migrants. After several academic attempts, the results of this research eventually materialised into an ethnographic fiction/novel titled Un cal într-o mare de lebedeA Horse in a Sea of Swans (Nemira, 2018). Topics I have covered in my works of fiction, creative non-fiction, essay or other include mobility, healthcare, social isolation, gender, family and inequality, but also memory. I am currently working on a volume of essays that compares my two experiences of living in communist regimes, 30 years apart, in Romania and Vietnam. My teaching philosophy focuses on the simulation of real work environments. My class is organised as a workshop and based on discussion and feedback – including with and from a professional editor. I look forward to meeting you all in the coming year.

Classes Taught on MJSP

Aspects of Japan II – Writing about Japan for general publications

Selected Publications


  • (2021) Teo de la 16 la 18 (Teo from 16 to 18), Bucharest: Nemira.
    • Romania’s finalist to the 2022 European Union Prize for Literature
    • shortlisted for the ‘Sofia Nădejde’, ‘Ziarul de Iaşi’, ‘Observator Cultural’ and ‘Leibniz’ prizes
  • (2018) Un cal într-o mare de lebede (A Horse in a Sea of Swans), Bucharest: Nemira.
    • won the debut prizes ‘Sofia Nădejde’ and ‘Observator Cultural’
    • shortlisted for the Festival du Premier Roman de Chambéry, France.

Edited Works

  • (2016-17) In and Out of Japan, co-edited, curated series for the AAA Society for East Asian Anthropology’s column in Anthropology News
  • (2013) Limitations to temporary mobility, co-editor of this special issue of the International Review of Social Research, Vol. 3, 1, February 2013

Articles (reviewed)

  • (2016) “English Teaching in, out, and through Japan”, Anthropology News, Vol. 58,2, pp. e288–e290
  • (2015) “The Taming of the Earthquake. Can Romania Learn from Japan?”, co-authored, Romanian Economic and Business Review, Vol. 10.4 (Winter 2015), pp. 215-225
  • (2013) “Une histoire personnelle de la francophonie”, Revue japonaise de didactique du français, Vol. 8,2, pp.59-65
  • (2011) “Migrants and healthcare within the European Union”, International Review of Social Research, Vol. 1,1, pp. 61-72
  • (2009) “Tourisme et migration dans le Maramureş, Roumanie”, Ethnologies: Passages, nr. 31,1, pp. 111-124
  • (2008) “Stratégies de vie sur une frontière. Le cas du Maramureş: enjeux et valorisations identitaires”, Cultures & Conflits, nr. 72, pp. 45-55

Book Chapters

  • (2020) Acasă (Home) in Mihăilescu, V. and I. Tudora, Acasă în lume (Home in the World), Bucharest: Igloobooks.
  • (2017) “Bucuresti vs. Tokio. Percepţia riscului seismic în Romania şi Japonia” (Bucarest vs. Tokyo. The Perception of Seismic Risk in Romania and Japan), co-authored, in Bădescu, G. and R. Munteanu, Bucureşti: oraşul vulnerabil (Bucharest: The Vulnerable City), Bucharest: OAR, pp. 26-29 
  • (2013) “More than just a football club, in the heart of Brussels”, co-authored, in Korpela, M. and F. Dervin (eds.), Cocoon Communities – Togetherness in the 21st Century, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 123-142
  • (2009) “Articulaţii între turism şi migraţie în Maramureş” (Articulations between tourism and migration), in Anghel, R. et I. Horvath (coord.), Sociologia Migraţiei. Teorii şi studii de caz româneşti (The Sociology of Migration. Theory and Romanian Case-studies), Bucharest: Polirom, pp. 231-249
  • (2009) “Maramureş e le sue mobilità. Cinque punti d’articolazione tra turismo e migrazione”, in Ciplloari, C. (ed.) Scenari turistici, Rome: CISU, pp. 31-44