Jonathan Bull


United Kingdom



Research Keywords

History: decolonisation, forced migration, settler colonialism, oral history. Memory studies: narrative, social memory formation, museums


BA: University of Oxford
MA: School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
PhD: Hokkaido University


My research is about the movement of settler colonists following the collapse of the Japanese Empire. My first experience of living in Japan was as an Assistant English Teacher on the JET Program. Based in Esashi, a fishing town of about 8000 people on the Okhotsk Sea coast in northern Hokkaido, I met several of local residents who told me about their experiences of leaving Karafuto (present-day southern Sakhalin) as the USSR attacked in the last days of the Second World War. What they told me captured my interest and later became part of my doctoral research. In my post-doctoral research I have started to compare cases of forced migration in Northeast Asia with other parts of the world, in particular in Europe after 1945.

As a teacher I encourage active learning through class discussion, group work and independent study. I look forward to meeting you!

Classes Taught on MJSP

Japanese History I, Introduction to Japanese Studies (History), Introduction to Japanese Studies (Culture), 実践日本語 IA

Selected Publications and Further Information