Anthony Backhouse

Backhouse photo MJSP.jpg


United Kingdom


Professor Emeritus

Research Keywords

Linguistics, Japanese  


MA European/Oriental Languages, University of Cambridge

PhD Linguistics, University of Edinburgh


My research interests cover various linguistic topics, especially in Japanese:

  • Lexical semantics
  • Word classes (parts of speech)
  • Word formation and borrowing 
  • Writing systems

Selected Publications

Backhouse A.E. (2016) Using Japanese Synonyms. Cambridge University Press.

Backhouse A.E. (2009) “On the status of nai in modern Japanese”. Journal of Japanese Linguistics, 25, 59-74.

Backhouse A.E. (2004) “Inflected and uninflected adjectives in Japanese” in R.M.W Dixon and A. Aikhenvald eds., Adjective Classes: A Cross-Linguistic
Typology, Oxford University Press, 50-73.

Backhouse A.E. (1994) The Lexical Field of Taste: A Semantic Study of Japanese Taste Terms. Cambridge University Press.