Peter Firkola




Associate Professor

Research Keywords

Japanese management, career development, HRM, recruitment practices


B.Sc. Psychology, University of Toronto
MBA International Business and HRM, McMaster University
PhD Human Resource Management, Hokkaido University


My research interests cover the following topics:

  • HRM Practices in Japanese Companies
  • International Comparison of HRM Practices (Japan, Canada, US, Europe)
  • Career Development in Japanese Companies
  • Career Planning

Selected Publications

Firkola, P. (2014) “Changing Recruitment Practices in Japanese Companies”. Universal Journal of Management, 121-124.    

Firkola, P. (2011) “Recruitment Trends in Japanese Companies”. Association of Japanese Business Studies Conference Proceedings, 24, 330-346.

Firkola, P. (2009) “Human Resources Management Practices within Japanese Companies” in D. Newlands and M. Hooper eds., The Global Business Handbook: The Eight Dimensions of International Management, Gower Publishing, 227-240.

Lim, L. and Firkola, P. (2000) “Methodological Issues in Cross-Cultural Management Research: Problems, Solutions, and Proposals”. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 17, 1, 133-154.