Noriyo Colley




Assistant Professor

Research Keywords

Pediatric Nursing


MA:Nursing Studies,La Trobe University (Australia)
Ed.D.: Education,Hokkaido University


“My current research interest is how technological development impacts on people’s lives and professional’s socially expected roles. As a pediatric nurse I believe participation of children to respect their opinion is the most important, but it is not that simple. There are always conflicts in prioritization between the QOL of sick children and the QOL of mothers (informal carers) and/or their healthy siblings (young carers).

I’m looking forward to discuss with people from diverse backgrounds, e.g. culture, education, ethnicity, etc.. Any comment/inquiry is greatly appreciated.”

Selected Publications

  • How a new science technology affects professionals’role?; A discussion from Science Technology Communicater’s view. Ken Otsuka, Noriyo Colley, Therapeutics and Engineering, 22(2), 2010.In Japanese, abstract is available in English.
  • Diffusion of Medical Technology in the Community: Importance of Communication in the Spread Model of Technology. Noriyo Colley, Japanese Journal of Science Communication, No.10. 2011. In Japanese, abstract is available in English.
  • Education needs of Children using home ventilators; parents’ expectation towards their children’s independency and participation. Noriyo Colley, Bosei Eisei. 53(4), 2013. In Japanese, abstract is available in English.