Below is the basic subject list for courses on the Modern Japanese Studies Program. To learn more about any individual subject, follow the link to see an individual page containing the syllabus and more details about the course. Or, use Hokkaido University’s open access syllabus search engine to see the full syllabus (click シラバス検索, select English, then under “Course of Study” choose “Undergraduate Student” and for “Instructor” put in the professor’s name).  

Intensive Japanese Course

An intensive 6-month course in the Japanese language. Reach approx. Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level N4.


  • Japanese Language Classes (beginners to intermediate)
  • Homeroom (includes basic introductions to Informatics and Study Skills)


Bachelor’s Degree: Years 1-2

Intensive education in the Japanese language. Reach approx. JLPT Level N3 or N2 by the end of the first year, and approx. Level N2 or N1 by the end of the second year. Introductory courses in Japanese Studies and general education courses.



Bachelor’s Degree: Years 3-4

Reach approx. JLPT Level 1 by the end of the third year. Classes in business and/or academic Japanese. Major/minor subject courses in English and/or Japanese. By the fourth year, most major/minor subject courses are taken in Japanese. Optional courses include an internship and study abroad. Undertake major self-study projects in the Digital Portfolio and Graduation Thesis.



Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map (For students enrolled in 2017 and 2018) (PDF)

  Updated 27 April 2018. May be subject to change.