MJSP Assessment Policy


  1. Modern Japanese Studies Program (hereinafter referred to as MJSP) conducts educational assessment in accordance with the Hokkaido University Assessment Policy. Educational assessment is implementaed in order to enhance student achievement of educational objectives as stated in graduation requirements (Diploma Policy)


(Implementation Structure)

  1. The Director of MJSP is responsible for the implementation of educational assessment in MJSP.
  2. The Academic Affairs Subcommittee of the MJSP Steering Committee conducts educational assessment in MJSP.


(Implementation and Analysis)

  1. Educational assessment in MJSP is administered according to the MJSP Assessment Checklist specified separately.
  2. MJSP implements proactive disclosure of information on its curriculum revision supported by the results of educational assessment.
  3. MJSP handles its educational data in accordance with the guidelines and rules of Hokkaido University. MJSP is committed to the safeguarding of personal data and other private information.


(MJSP Assessment Checklist)