Sofiane Kohen (France)

I was studying Japanese in my high school back in France, and I was always interested in Japan. I left for a year on exchange in Japan when I was 17. After this incredible experience, I realized that I couldn’t live without having something to do with this country.

I discovered the Modern Japanese Studies Program, and I thought that its bilingual education was the perfect opportunity, as a non-native English speaker, to master both English and Japanese language as well as solid foundations on Japanese culture and society.

I am actually invested in the Kyudo (Japanese archery) circle, as well as in a literary circle. Hokkaido is a place full of nature, encounters and unique experiences. I like the special link that Japan has with its natural environment, and how this is showcased in cultural objects such as novels.

I am currently heading towards Japanese literature, but I like the numerous amount of different opportunities offered by the Modern Japanese Studies Program.

Entered MJSP in October 2017