Tran Ngoc Anh (Vietnam)


I had been studying both English and Japanese for many years in Vietnam and I am very lucky to have found MJSP, where I can continue my higher education in both languages in the beautiful city of Sapporo.

There are many student activities, including clubs, circles, volunteer activities and cultural exchange programs. Some of the activities I have joined include organizing the university festival (Hokudaisai), participating in the Vietnamese booth for the Sapporo Universities International Festival, and volunteering at English camps.

The number of academic fields available on MJSP is endless. At the moment, I am interested in Education and am very excited about joining the Japanese students for lectures at the Faculty of Education next year.*


[* As part of the program in Japanese Studies, MJSP students are able to take courses in Japanese in other faculties. These courses are credit bearing and count towards the MJSP undergraduate degree. Please note, however, that students are unable to move from MJSP to another faculty to pursue an alternative degree program in, for example, education].


Entered MJSP in October 2014.