Malva Clara Dahlqvist

During my second year of high school I went on a one-year exchange to Osaka. Before I came to Japan I didn’t have much interest in Japanese culture but my experiences during that exchange made me want to come back again. What I liked most about Japan was the diversity in entertainment, such as unique culinary experiences, nightlife, hot springs and other tourism.

After graduating high school in my home country, I enrolled in the MJSP. During my first year I joined the ski club where I have many close friends. Since my Japanese was already at a conversational level when I came to Japan I was able to blend in socially without much of a struggle.

Sapporo is a really vibrant and accessible city. The area around the campus is dominated by students and I have many friends living within walking distance of my home. Greater Hokkaido also offers amazing outdoor activities such as skiing, camping, rafting, etc.

Since Japan allows students to work part time, I have also taken on several jobs that have emerged me in the language and culture of this country. Japanese university life enables students to balance studies, social life and work in a relatively effortless way, and I truly feel like I have made the most out of my university experience.

Entered MJSP in October 2018