Zanne Siek (Singapore)


I wanted to learn more about the society of Japan, and what better way than to learn while living in Japan as well. I could form my own view of Japan through the course as well as day-to-day life in Sapporo. Learning Japanese at the same time is helpful. Classes are fun, and I’m improving in my language skills every day. The introduction classes are making me look forward to future semesters on MJSP.

I am currently in a movie-watching circle, and one thing I’m always surprised by is how welcoming my circle friends are. They are also patient and forgiving when I make mistakes in Japanese, and they are understanding as well. I’m glad I entered the circle!

I want to work in a publishing company in Japan, where I can translate articles for magazines or do PR work. Maybe I can work for a bilingual lifestyle magazine published in Japan.

Everyone has a different experience here at Hokudai and on MJSP, but I’m sure it will be fun! We’re all looking forward to meeting new students on the course.

Entered MJSP in October 2014.