Kim Andersson (Sweden)


I lived in and travelled around Japan for about 2 years before I decided on attending a Japanese university. Having not had the opportunity to visit Hokkaido, I wanted to experience the varied nature of Hokkaido first hand by living and studying there. This together with the opportunity to further my Japanese language ability and being able to influence my own degree is what made me decide on MJSP.
Here you have a lot of different classes to choose from depending on your interests and the chances are you won’t have the same schedule as any one of your peers, for good and for bad. But you will still have a lot of classes together!
Outside of class I joined a martial arts club, and I also go to a local climbing gym when time allows for it. Although Sapporo is a pretty spread out city, most things one needs are within walking distance from campus.
Right now I’m looking forward to studying more in the area of International Relations with a focus on East/South East Asia, and also to spend some time travelling around Hokkaido with my friends on MJSP.*

[* As part of the BA in Japanese Studies, MJSP students are able to take courses in Japanese in other faculties. These courses are credit bearing and count towards the undergraduate degree in Japanese Studies. Please note, however, that students are unable to move from MJSP to another faculty to pursue an alternative degree program in, for example, International Relations].

Entered MJSP in October 2015.