MJSP Autumn Lecture Series 2015!

We have five speakers coming to Hokkaido to give talks as part of the MJSP Lecture Series!

No registration required!  Please come!


■ October 9th (Fri.) – Prof. Garren Mulloy 【Daito Bunka University】

 ”From Peaceniks to Gunjiotaku in Japan: A Full-Spectrum Analysis of Japan’s Strategic Security Shift”


■October 19th (Mon.) – Mr. Eric Johnson 【Deputy Editor, The Japan Times, Osaka Office】

 “Japanese Journalism: A Foreign Journalist’s View”


■October 20th(Tues.)- Prof. Christoph Wulf 【Free University Berlin】

“Anthropology in a globalized world. Challenges and New Perspectives”


■October 28th(Wed.)

 ・Mr. Chris Pickering 【Executive Director, Hokkaido Tourism Management】

 ”Inside the Niseko Tourism boom”

 ・Prof. Peter Ackermann【University of Erlangen-Nuernberg】

 ”Far from home- Migration, tourism and transcultural Encounter in Japanese perspective”

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