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Student Voices

 When I was in high school, I had never imagined myself studying in Japan in the undergraduate level. When I saw the program’s brochure, I thought this would be the right choice for me. What I like most about the program is that we can study science in English, while there are Japanese language classes for us as well. In addition, students can participate in extracurricular activities such as clubs, seminars, or international parties which provide us a lot of opportunities not only to learn about Japanese culture but also to live in the society surrounded by international friends.
 I am now in the last semester of my undergraduate study, and after this I will proceed to the Graduate School of Science to continue my education in Physics.

― Suphakorn Sphapolthaworn, Thailand

 My ambition is to be a scientist and ISP is ideal for me. The program includes general education courses in the first semester and lab experience which are eye-opening to the different areas of science and help to decide our future lab. The program also includes courses in liberal arts and business which equip the students with skills applicable in various fields. I recommend the ISP program to anyone with a passion to accept challenges and to study science under the guidance of international and
Japanese faculty.

― Irtaza Qureshi, Pakistan

 When I was twelve, I became fascinated with nature from the internet, as well as Japanese culture from anime and origami. With these two factors in mind, I chose to study Biology in Hokkaido University’s ISP program. It gave me the opportunity to study the natural sciences in English, while immersing myself in Japan’s rich culture and its language. After my bachelor’s, my goals are to pursue a master’s degree at Hokkaido University in Environmental Biology in order to protect our planet from pollution and to become fluent in Japanese. I recommend anyone who has a passion for science and Japanese culture to come and study at ISP.

― Radovan Kostadinov, North Macedonia

 The ISP program allowed me to nourish my knowledge not only in my chosen field but also in the other fields of science and business development. While ISP students are expected to pick a field of science to specialize in, we are still permitted to take courses outside our chosen field. For instance, I took the course “Brain, Behavior and Evolution” course despite being a physics student. Additionally, the university regularly held seminars during the summer break taught by professors from outside of Hokkaido University. This allows us to learn additional skills that are as important as science but are not available in the department. Overall, the ISP program provides the opportunity of studying science and other subjects while enjoying the Japanese culture in the beautiful city of Sapporo. ― Edward, Indonesia