How To Apply

How To Apply

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ISP Application Procedures for 2019 Enrollment (Excerpt)

Students wishing to apply to Hokkaido University’s ISP, please complete the following steps as instructed. For more detailed instructions, please read the Application Guidelines.

I. Obtain application forms electronically [click here]

  1. Application Form
  2. Educational Background Form [FORM 1]
  3. Certificate of (Expected) Graduation/Completion Form [FORM 2]
  4. Personal Statement Form [FORM 3]
  5. Letter of Recommendation [FORM 4]                     

*FORM 1-FORM 4 will be available on the Online Application Site in the middle of September.

II. Arrange for a Letter of Recommendation:

Download the form (FORM 4) from the website and submit it in accordance with the instructions. It should be completed by a teacher who is well-acquainted with your academic performance.

III. Arrange for a certificate of English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC)

Only scores for which the exam date indicated on the exam results certificate is within two years of the online application deadline are valid. Individuals whose native language is English or who have received four years or more of their secondary education in English as the primary language of instruction are exempt from submitting this document.
Please note that TOEFL or IELTS scores should be sent directly from the institution that administered the test to the Admission Center, Hokkaido University. Scores must be received by the deadline for the receipt of mailed application documents.

IV. Make an online registration

  1. Visit the online application site [click here]
  2. Select the payment method and pay the application fee

V. Mail your application materials

Print the application form (PDF) generated by the online application site. The web URL will also be sent to you in the confirmation email sent after completion of your application fee payment. Place the application form and all other necessary documents into an envelope, and send it by registered mail so that it arrives at the university by the deadline for submitting application materials.

Please note that applications that are not received by the deadline for submitting application materials will not be processed, without exception. Be sure to leave enough time for your materials to arrive by post. Application materials delivered by hand are not accepted.

Application procedures are not complete until all of your application materials have been received and accepted as valid/authentic by the university (including the foreign language proficiency test results certificate mailed directly from the institution that administered the exam). Please be aware that registering to apply online does not constitute the completion of application procedures.

Important additional application information

  1. If your application is incomplete or includes errors, it will not be accepted, so be sure that everything is filled out and that there are no mistakes in your application.
  2. If your address changes after applying online, please contact the Admission Center.
  3. Application materials that have been received will not be returned for any reason.
  4. If your application is found to have contained falsified information, your offer of a place on the Integrated Science Program will be withdrawn.
  5. If you have any questions regarding your application eligibility, please contact the Admission Center before submitting your application materials.

Inquiries Regarding Admissions and Examinations

(1) How to contact us:
Inquiries can be made via e-mail.
(2) Contact information:
Admission Center, Hokkaido University