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Compared to when I joined ISP, I can think more like a scientist now. The professors are extremely passionate about their research and that serves as inspiration for me. The ISP class size is small and the classes are discussion based rather than a lecture. You can also choose courses where you conduct fieldwork and study rare organisms found only in Hokkaido. I am particularly interested in Marine Biology and seeing the endangered Marimo at Lake Akan and giant kelp at Muroran during these courses are definitely the highlights of my time studying Biology here. Studying Science at Hokkaido University has been an enriching experience so far and I look forward to continuing my study here. (Ranjani Rajagopal, India)

*She is a member of Aquamou, a group of Hokkaido University students who won the HultPrize regional competition in 2019.

Being a part of the ISP program has taught me new perspectives on life, academics and world cultures. Not only have I been able to experience living in Japan, but I have made many incredible, international friendships that will continue long after our undergrad is completed. Living abroad in Japan has given me a newfound freedom and created experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. My world view has been expanded and I am inspired to see more of the world and work to protect it in the future. I plan to use the knowledge I have gained here at ISP and apply it to become a major influencer in the protection of the environment. (Cassondra George, U.S.A.)

As classes are conducted in English, ISP provides excellent opportunities to be exposed to both English and Japanese speaking environment. Many ISP students including me are joining club activities which allows us to have more interaction with Japanese students.Studying in ISP provides many benefits and one of the biggest advantages is that lectures are conducted in a small size. This increases the quality of education and the number of opportunities we receive, which I believe will help me with my future of getting a career related to the field that I’m studying. Carrying on with ISP, I hope to join a graduate school to continue my education in Physics. (Daehee Kim, South Korea)

The ISP program allowed me to nourish my knowledge not only in my chosen field but also in the other fields of science and business development. While ISP students are expected to pick a field of science to specialize in, we are still permitted to take courses outside our chosen field. For instance, I took the course “Brain, Behavior and Evolution” course despite being a physics student. Additionally, the university regularly held seminars during the summer break taught by professors from outside of Hokkaido University. This allows us to learn additional skills that are as important as science but are not available in the department. Overall, the ISP program provides the opportunity of studying science and other subjects while enjoying the Japanese culture in the beautiful city of Sapporo. (Edward, Indonesia)

When I was twelve, I became fascinated with nature from the internet, as well as Japanese culture from anime and origami. With these two factors in mind, I chose to study Biology in Hokkaido University’s ISP program. It gave me the opportunity to study the natural sciences in English, while immersing myself in Japan’s rich culture and its language. After my bachelor’s, my goals are to pursue a master’s degree at Hokkaido University in Environmental Biology in order to protect our planet from pollution and to become fluent in Japanese. I recommend anyone who has a passion for science and Japanese culture to come and study at ISP. (Radovan Kostadinov, North Macedonia)