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Below is a list of all the main courses in the ISP curriculum in physics. In addition, there are many exercise and seminar classes that run in tandem with these courses so that students get the chance to apply their newfound knowledge to interesting and challenging problems. Several special lecture series will take place throughout the program, delving deep into specific topics and fields.

General Education

The courses in the first 6 months of the program and designed to be taken by all members of the ISP, regardless of their subject of interest. These courses offer something for everyone, and will prepare students for the more challenging later year courses.

Physics I, II

Laboratory Exercises in Natural Sciences

ISP common subjects

Upon entry into the Department of Physics, students are offered a wide range of courses that constitute the foundations of an undergraduate physics program. These courses are a compulsory part of the physics degree program, the main lectures of which will be offered primarily in the first 18 months after admittance to the department.

Electromagnetism I, II

Quantum Mechanics I

Statistical Mechanics I

Introductory Complex Function / Introductory Fourier Analysis

Modern Physics

Introductory Data Analysis

Introductory Computer Programming

ISP specialised subjects

The following lists the specialized courses in the Department of Physics. This will typically be taken in the upper years of the undergraduate course, constituting more advanced material than the common courses above.

Classical Mechanics I, II

Quantum Mechanics II

Statistical Mechanics II

Reading of Original Articles in Physics I, II, III

Laboratory Exercises in Physics I, II, III, IV

Nuclear Physics

Elementary Particle Physics


Theory of Fields


Condensed Matter Physics

Special Lecture on Quantum Mechanics

Special Lectures for Modern Physics

Research Work in Physics I, II