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Chemistry I, II


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Chemistry I


Dr Zhou
Dr Arteaga Arteaga


First six months for freshman students


Chemistry is an academic discipline to systematically understand the nature of a wide variety of properties of matters, including the functions of materials and the mechanisms of life phenomena.

In Chemistry I, we will deepen the basic understanding of atoms and molecules, which are constituent units of all matters. Specifically, it covers the electronic structures of atoms, the properties of elements derived therefrom, the essence of chemical bonds, the states of matters, chemical energies and kinetics of chemical reactions.

In Chemistry II students will develop an understanding of the fundamentals of Organic Chemistry, specifically structure and reactivity. This includes the connection between Organic Chemistry and related areas such as biochemistry, medicine, environmental science, etc. Students will apply their knowledge to concepts of discussion in contemporary research such as the importance of chirality in drugs, and Photodynamic therapy (PDT).