How To Apply


Below is a list of all the main courses in the ISP curriculum in biology.

General Education

The courses in the first 6 months of the program and designed to be taken by all members of the ISP, regardless of their subject of interest. These courses offer something for everyone, and will prepare students for the more challenging later year courses.

Biology I, II

Laboratory Exercises in Natural Sciences


ISP common courses

Below is a list of the compulsory subjects for students in the department of biology.

Biodiversity Studies I, II, III

Cell Biology I, II, III

Functional Biology I, II, III

Readings of the Scientific Literature


ISP specialised courses

Below is a list of the elective subjects for students in the department of biology.

Systematics and Taxonomy I, II

Cell Function and Structure I, II

Behavioral Neurobiology I, II

Reproductive and Developmental Biology I, II

Environmental Biology I, II

Molecular Genetics

Systematics and Evolution

Brain, Behavior and Evolution

Environmental Molecular Biology


Biological Science Techniques

Laboratory Courses


The following are elective modules, though students are required to fulfil certain quotas in this category to qualify for graduation. In particular, students are strongly encouraged to take “Advanced Studies in Biology” course as their final year research project.

Advanced Studies in Biology

Literature Survey in Biology

Laboratory Course in Systematic Botany

Laboratory Course in Systematic Zoology

Laboratory Course in Ecology

Laboratory Course in Genetics

Ecological Surveys of Biodiversity in Forests

Laboratory Course in Cell Structure and Function

Laboratory Course in Environmental Biology

Laboratory Course in Behavioral Neurobiology

Laboratory Course in Animal Development

Laboratory Course in Marine Biology I, II

Field Course in Marine Ecology

Laboratory Course in Phycology