How To Apply


Readings of Scientific Literature


Dick Matthew HILL


1st year in Department of Biological Sciences


English has become the international common language in natural sciences. Therefore, learning science in English is essential. In this course, we will use active learning to develop writing and presentation skills routinely required in the field of biological sciences. This course will be conducted by foreign faculty members. Course will consist of two parts: (1) learning how to write scientific papers (Writing component) (2) develop reading, presentation and discussion skills (Speaking component). Students who take both courses. As lessons will be carried out in English, oral understanding skills will also be developed.


Course 1 (Writing component): The goals of this component of Science English are: 1) To introduce students to the process of writing a scientific paper in the biological sciences and submitting it for publication. Each student will compose a practice scientific paper complete with tables and figures, based on a hypothetical study and data. 2) To make students aware of the conventions and some of the pitfalls involved in writing specifically in English.


Course 2 (Speaking component): The goals of this component of Science English are: 1) To develop spoken skills for presentations and discussions. Students will read scientific papers, prepare PowerPoint presentations based on them, and ask / answer questions concerning these papers. 2) To increase vocabulary and improve grammatical structures in order to formulate and answer questions in Scientific English. 3) To expose students as much as possible to an English speaking classroom atmosphere.