How To Apply


Functional Biology I, II, III

Dr Beier

1st and 2nd year in Department of Biological Sciences

Functional Biology I
aims to provide an overview on genetics and its latest scientific advances.

Functional Biology II students will be introduced to animal physiology: Animal physiology is the study of how animals function. Animal over all functional properties depend on how its organs function, and the function of the organs depends on how cell and molecular system function. Physiologist seek to answer two main questions, 1) What is the mechanism by which a function is accomplished, and 2) how did that mechanism evolved. In order to answer these questions, physiologist must integrate knowledge from chemistry and physics with knowledge of biology. Furthermore, physiology is important to understand the health and disease of non-human animals and humans.

Functional Biology III aims to provide a comprehensive understanding on the development and reproduction aspects of plants. Students will learn how a sessile organism like plants use various evolutionary-acquired mechanisms to cope with the changing environment that surrounds it.