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Classical Mechanics I, II

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Classical Mechanics I
Classical Mechanics II

Dr Salak

1st and 2nd year in Department of Physics

Classical mechanics is the foundation for an undergraduate physics education. In these courses students will learn to move beyond “F=ma” to a more rigorous and encompassing description of the dynamics and kinematics of classical systems (i.e. slower than the speed of light and bigger than an atom).

These courses will begin with Newton’s laws and swiftly power to orbital dynamics, complex oscillating systems and motion in rotating frames, utilising a wealth of new tools form their mathematics classes as we go. In Classical Mechanics II students will take a bold new step away from Newton towards the methods of analytical mechanics. This powerful and surprisingly simple framework paves the way for dealing with ever more complicated systems and lays the ground work for more exotic courses such as quantum mechanics and particle theory in later years.