Japanese Popular Culture and Contents Tourism

Professor Philip Seaton (convenor of MJSP) and Professor Takayoshi Yamamura (Center for Advanced Tourism Studies, also teaching on MJSP) have edited a special edition of Japan Forum (the official journal of the British Association for Japanese Studies) on the topic of Japanese Popular Culture and Contents Tourism. Three of the articles are open access. Do have a read:

Philip Seaton and Takayoshi Yamamura, “Japanese Popular Culture and Contents Tourism” (published online, 13 December 2014).

Takayoshi Yamamura, “Contents Tourism and Local Community Response: Lucky Star and Collaborative Anime-induced Tourism in Washimiya” (published online, 11 December 2014).

Philip Seaton, “Taiga Dramas and Tourism: Historical Contents as Sustainable Tourist Resources” (published online, 15 December 2014).

Professor Yamamura and Professor Seaton will be running a course on Pop Culture Event Management for MJSP students in academic year 2015-6. Students will learn how pop culture festivals work through fieldwork at the Toyako Manga Anime Festa on 27-28 June 2015. Tanoshimi ni!