Dr. John Person’s talk on “The Rightwing in Imperial Japan”

On June 10, Dr. John Person from State University of New York, Albany, gave a talk titled “The Rightwing in Imperial Japan.”

Dr. Person gave a fascinating presentation on right-wing groups, activism, and terrorism in pre-war Japan, focusing on the little-known history of government surveillance and suppression of the right in the 1930’s.

He showed how important it is to be careful with categories such as the “right-wing,” as its meaning depends on the context and has changed overtime.

Thank you very much, Dr. John Person!












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==Next Lecture Information==

■Date & Time: June 22nd (Wed.) 6:15p.m.-7:45p.m., OIA Lecture Room L2, 1F (Room 111)
■Guest Speaker: Dr. Allison Alexy (University of Michigan)
■Title:“Gender, Fantasy, and the Prince of Divorce”

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