Alumni Voices

Having completed my four years at MJSP, not only did I gain knowledge in my field and had many opportunities for research, but I also can say with confidence that my language ability has drastically improved. The wide variety of subjects and freedom to study in different disciplines allowed me to shape my education the way I want and expand my expertise. Studying through MJSP allowed me to pursue my passion and helped prepare me for the future, research-wise and career-wise. (Chao Ping Lai, Class of 2019, USA)




My 4 years at MJSP has been an extremely enriching and exciting experience. My major was the Japanese history and culture module, and I took various classes on these subjects in both Japanese and English. Studying at Hokudai in a bilingual program allowed me to build my confidence in Japanese. Living here has also helped me to experience and understand Japanese culture firsthand, as well as transition easily into Japanese working culture. Additionally, over the course of my studies, I’ve made countless precious memories with both international and Japanese friends, which I will treasure very much even after graduation. (Tai Huay Wen, Class of 2019, Singapore)




MJSP gave me an opportunity to explore many different subjects and areas of disciple, which lets me finally find my strong interest. Our professors constantly encourage us to be independent learners, and they are also very supportive and are always around to guide us. After 4 years in MJSP, I felt motivated to continue my studies to be able to gain a more in-depth knowledge in my field of interest. (Zahra Fathiya Ceva, Class of 2019, Indonesia)            






I have learned and experienced so much during my four years in MJSP. The biggest advantage of the program is that you have so much freedom in choosing and experiencing various fields of study. I took many classes at the Education Faculty because of my interest in education, but also had experienced classes related to Economics, Linguistics, Sociology and Politics. After graduating from MJSP, I will continue my study at Hokkaido University Specialized Graduate School of Accounting.  (Tran Ngoc Anh, Class of 2019, Vietnam)