Hokkaido University

Hokkaido University is one of Japan’s top universities with a long and prestigious history. Our history dates back to 1876, when the Sapporo Agricultural College was set up as the first modern academic institute in Japan offering bachelor’s degrees.
Sapporo Agricultural College later became Hokkaido University. We have a strong history of excellence in both research and education, and attract outstanding staff and students from around the world. The university has declared and cultivated four basic philosophies of education and research: “Frontier Spirit”, “Global Perspectives”, “All-round Education” and “Practical Learning.” For more on these, please visit the Hokkaido University website.

As well as being a top-tier univeristy, it is also quite simply a beautiful and vibrant place to study as well as being situated within a five minute walk to Sapporo station and the downtown area.


Central Lawn