The name of a participating student

Mr Yongqiao Wang

The name of a home university

Northeast Normal University (China)

Your research topic

Applying singularity theory to study sub manifolds, Finding the geometric propositions of sub manifolds near singularities.

The reason why decided to participate in this program

I have two reasons. First, my supervisor at Hokkaido University ia an expert in singularity theory
so I can learn a lot from him. I like studying from him. Second, it is a good opportunity to learn
Japanese culture and this program gives me a different research environment and opens myself
to science and research on the high international level.

The impression of Hokkaido University

A beautiful university with big trees and many kinds of flower, enthusiasm and friendly people all over the university.

Your expectation as research achievement

Have a deeper understand in my major and publish some papers. Using singularity theory
to study sub manifolds in de Sitter space (※ technical term of math science).
Hope successfully obtaining my doctor degree.

Your future plan

Continue post-doctor studying or working.