The name of a participating student

Mr Alexander Tran

The name of a home university

The University of Sydney (Australia)

The research topic

How do AMF (Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi) – bacterial interactions control phosphatase diversity and activity in crop rhizospheres?

The reason why you decided to participate in this program

I have two reasons;
① research expertise of Associate Professor Tatsuhiro Ezawa and his lab group in AMF
② Training in methods and research techniques related to this field can be obtained for future applications.

Additionally, this program helps to broaden my boarders with the opportunity to work overseas and experiencing
a different research and working environment. This opportunity will open myselfto science and research
on an international level which can help foster more research career opportunities between Australia and Japan.

The impression of Hokkaido University

A beautiful university with lots of nature that is also fully equipped for cutting edge research.
Friendly people with kind hospitality and respect to others.

Your expectation as research achievement

Successfully applying obtained techniques is expected. That is;
Determining whether or not AMF-bacterial interactions help with crop productivity.
After that, hope successfully finishing my PhD!

Your future plan

Postdoctoral research in Australia and Japan, continuing to pave my way into academia between both countries.

any other opinions

So far, everything here is living up to my expectations, it is a great place to be.