The name of a participating student

Mr Ireneusz Buganski

The name of a home university

AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland)

Your research topic

The investigation of the structural disorder in quasicrystrals

The reason why decided to participate in this program

I came to Hokkaido University as an internship program student in 2016 for two months and half
due to bilateral agreement with AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH UST) in Krakow.
During the period, I got supervised by the Professor Takakura, at Hokkaido University.
After the consultation with my supervisor at AGH UST, he recommended me to conduct a doctoral
research through a double degree program from 2017 based on the experience during the internship.
That’s why I participated in this program from 2017.

The impression of Hokkaido University

Both administration workers and teaching staff are cooperative with continuous support to the student
coming from abroad, understanding the new environment can be challenging. Classes are taught
in well-spoken English by professional scientists.

Your expectation as research achievement

I intend to apply my developed theoretical models to investigate the structural mystery of
quasiperiodic structures, possibly obtaining more accurate structural solutions.
I also plan to collect experimental data for future research and find collaborators.

Your future plan

My present plan is to continue to stay at AGH UST as a researcher seeking for another possibility
to utilize my experience obtained during a doctoral study period.