HUSTEP Course Curriculum Fall Semester (Oct-Mar)


March 16, 2015 updated

1 Sustainability Studies beyond Hollywood Films
2 Well-being and Religious Engagement in Japan
3 Hokkaido: Then and Now
4 Thinking about Meiji Thinkers
5 Environmental Ethics
6 A Sociology of Japanese Youth
7 Imperial Russian History from Peter to Petrograd
8 Cultrutal Philosophy of Law & Rights
9 Japanese Economy
10 Calculus II
11 Linear Algebra II
12 Essential physics II
13 Joy of Science – Discovering the matters and the laws of the universe
14 General Biology II
15 Chemistry and English for Life Science
16 History of Geology
17 Materials Processing and Thermodynamics (Eco-Processing, Adv.)
18 Mechanical Vibration and Control
19 Advanced Fluid Engineering
20 Space Propulsion Engineering
21 Space utilization engineering
22 International Project
23 Dynamics of Civil Engineering Structures
24 Lifetime Engineering for Civil Infrastructure
25 Applied Animal Ecology
26 Introduction to Marine Science
27 Advanced course on Antarctic science
28 Contemporary Japanese Society I
29 Contemporary Japanese Society II
30 Seminal Works on Japanese History
31 Ethnographies of Japanese Society
32 Multiculturality in Japan
33 Workshop on Critical Thinking
34 Japanese Political History
35 Political Economy of Japan and East Asia
36 Cultural Theory II
37 A Roadmap to the United Nations – With Special Reference to WHO
38 Field Bioscience in the Northern Biosphere
39 Environmental Science for Biological Resources
40 Poetry and Poetics
41 Introduction to Critical Thinking
42 Practical Intercultural Communication II
43 Indigenous Peoples Rights and Sustainability
44 Language Beliefs and Ideologies A
45 Language Beliefs and Ideologies B
46 An Introduction to International Relations A
47 An Introduction to International Relations B
48 Personal Stories and Religion A
49 Personal Stories and Religion B
50 Introduction to Adventure Tourism
51 Japan and Multiculturalism
52 Mass Media and Popular Culture in Postwar Japan
53 Consumption in Japan: Spaces, Groups and Trends
54 Music and Culture
55 History of Anthropological Thought
56 Sex, Gender and Hospitality in Japanese Society

Updated on   March 16, 2015